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The universe of Lesrilon is that of dark fantasy, set on the mysterious continent of Vhuld. Enter a world where magic merges with physics, morality is ever-gray, and conflict between mortal and immortal, Kings and Emperors reaches an apex.


Lesrilon is a project started in the merry month of May 2013. by amateur fantasy authors. A realm of constant peril, we've incorporated characteristics of dark, epic and medieval fantasy - dreadful beasts, grand clashes and aristocratic intrigue all form Lesrilon as you see it today.

Undoubtedly, the most important trait of this original piece is the unique sphere of magic ( Arcana ) and the laws that govern it, effectively making it a new dimension to be manipulated. Unlike several other fantasy worlds, you won't find high levels of technological advancement here - the civilizations of Vhuld were always magic-dependent, and their technological aptitude roughly equals that of the Middle Ages.

There is no definite good or evil here, no galant heroes or awful villains ( even if most characters would fall into the latter category ), instead, every being is subject to the merciless plays of the Gods, who treat the world as their own personal chessboard. 

It's time to see fantasy through a darker sight. 


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